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Fetească neagră

Red Wine / 14% ABV / Dry

The Wine of the Sun, made by Castel Mimi. Inspired by the authenticity of traditional Moldovan carpets, the decorative elements found inside rural Moldovan homes, and the ancient legends of the Dacians, we created the wine from the Feteasca Neagră grape variety, picked from the select harvest of 2019. The rich aromatic bouquet is dominated by notes of prune and spices, as well as the taste of blackberry, blueberry, and cherry, and thanks to the fine texture of tannins, the body is round and full, with a pleasant astringency.

Castel Mimi

Castel Mimi recommends serving the 2019 Feteasca Neagră with roast beef cheeks, grilled lamb or roast duck.
Alcohol content: 14.0%