A sensory symphony of divine inspiration, where art and winemaking intertwine in an intense and unique tasting experience.

The “9 muses” wine series is dedicated to a world of creativity, where each wine is symbolically accompanied by a muse of Olympus, patroness of a dedicated art.

The wines that open the series are red, white, rosé, and sparkling, transporting us into the world of Greek mythology alongside:

Calliope – the muse of epic poetry and eloquence;
Clio – the muse of history;
Erato – the muse of erotic poetry;
Terpsichore – the muse of dance and choral song.

9 Muses

Fetească Albă

Sparkling wine / 11.5% ABV / Brut

9 Muses


Rosé Wine / 14.0% ABV / Dry

9 Muses

Cabernet Sauvignon

Red Wine / 14.0% ABV / Dry

9 Muses

Sauvignon Blanc

White Wine / 13% ABV / Dry