We are proud to share every day the joy of being the new generation among the best wine producers. We are happy to keep open the gate of the most beautiful wine tourism destination in Moldova. The history, cultural values, drive for creativity and excellence in wine and tourism has placed Castel Mimi in the top 15 most beautiful wineries in the world.

Every year, more than 30,000 people from 80 countries of the world take home a souvenir of unforgettable events, of white, red and rose, of traditional Moldovan cuisine combined with modern preparation techniques, of the legends of Castel Mimi – a world of wine, culture and excellence.

We invite you into the world of Castel Mimi, where your memory awaits you.

Classic Collection

Wines born out of love for history, folklore, and the authentic culture of Moldova.
Tradition is combined with innovation to make the bottles unique. Symbols of traditional garb dance alongside beloved Moldovan carpet patterns.
Longing for home, with cherry and raspberry flavors from the family garden, wine from the Castel Mimi Classic Collection reunites brothers and sisters around the table.
Harvesting the fruits of folk wisdom, we gather in barrels the hysteria of autumn, the kiss of the sun, and the love of mothers, who dedicate themselves to raising healthy children and cultivating beautiful grapes.
We spice everything up with balance and open the wines during autumn, when the dowry is brought over from the big house, ladies and the noblemen go to weddings, and boys and girls discover the joy of dance.

The Governor Series

We honor the memory of the founder of Castel Mimi and the last governor of Basarabia, Constantin Mimi, with our Governor wine series.
Noble aromas and complex tastes waft through the bottles. The wine produced from the extraordinary 2018 vintage is believed by many to be one of the best in the region.

Animaliens Wines

With reverence to tradition, Castel Mimi has created the AnimaAliens Wines: a modern interpretation of the traditional. They are fresh and persistent wines, blended with symbolism, history, and local culture.

The collection praises nature and the richness of the land of Moldova, while the label celebrates the legends. Each bottle features folklore creatures. The colorful symbols, which signify the wine bouquets, were inspired by traditional Moldovan carpets and they pay homage to places, beliefs, and historical events.

Chéf Series

Gourmet wines from Castel Mimi, for top restaurants. A collaboration of our winemakers and chefs for the perfect harmony between wine and culinary delights.