We create new oenological experiences and lovingly promote wine culture and the history of Mimi Castle. We reveal the mysteries of our cellars, uncover the production methods, tell the legends of the medieval garden, as well as present and taste three types of wine from our classic series together with guests.


We explore the differences and similarities between white, rose, and red wine with the flavors of Sânzienele, Rară Neagră Rosé, and Frati.

Snacks offered:

Water, gresini

Wines for tasting:

(100 g/wine/ 1 person)
Rosé Rară Neagră

Tour duration: (1 hour 10 minutes)

Price per person:

Monday – Friday 400 MDL
Saturday – Sunday 450 MDL till 12:00

*Additional. Tasting of 3 wines – 100 lei.

Children’s price – 150 lei

Excursion, Baba Neagră dessert, Compote.

Book by phone: +373 265 0 1893

Bilete Cucoanele Fiesta