Discover the Castel Mimi legends and the fascinating story of Moldovan wine, crafted in sun-kissed and rain-soaked gardens, spun into blends of red, white, and rose and woven with the taste of traditional food and gourmet spices inside cool cellars.

We allow our guests to see what happens behind the doors of the Castel Mimi kitchen, revealing the secrets of authentic Moldovan dishes to those who want to know how to make the best sarmale and uncover the secret ingredient of the homemade pie.

The gates of Castel Mimi are open to wine, gastronomy, and culture lovers every day, at all times!

Please let us know when you want to admire the treasures inside Constantin Mimi’s cellars, get a taste of mămăligă fresh off the stove or break the seal of a barrel. We promise to get back to you as quickly as possible to agree on all the details.

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Family Tour

1 hour 10 minutes / from 300 MDL

We value what we hold most dear - family! Gather with loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere and create memories for years to come.

Classic Tour

1 hour 10 minutes / from 300 MDL

We create new wine experiences and lovingly promote wine culture and the history of Mimi Castle. We reveal the mysteries of our cellars, bring out the production methods, tell the legends of the medieval garden, present and taste with visitors three types of wine from the classic series.

Iconic tour

1 hour 30 minutes / from 575 MDL

We suggest five wines and perfectly matched snacks. We reveal the history of Mimi Castle, discover the hidden cellars and admire the oldest wine collection in Moldova.

Authentic Tour

2 hours / From 775 MDL

The story of the last governor of Bessarabia, told at the table of time, with four selected wines from the casks of Castel Mimi: Sânzienele, Rară Neagră Rosé, Sfaditele, Viorica de Bulboaca. All, after a walk through the cellars and stories about the wine's journey from vineyard to bottle.

Tour Fusion

2 hours 30 min / from 950 MDL

We escape into the past, combining history and modernity and traditional cuisine with delicate French dishes. We discover the legends of Mimi Castle, learn about the winery's impressive past and admire unique collections from around the country and the world.

Tour Governor

3 hours / from 2.250 MDL

Mimi Castle opens its doors to show the world Moldova's oldest wine collection and its secret cellars. Discover Constantin Mimi's amazing life story, learn the secrets of wine production and admire cellars that are hundreds of years old.

Romantic Couple Package

From 10.500 MDL

There is nothing more beautiful than love in the world! We know how precious is the time spent with your loved one and we create the best conditions for lovers who want a getaway for two, intimacy and romantic atmosphere.