Let’s make the most of what we hold dearest: family! Reconnect with your loved ones in a laid-back atmosphere and create memories for the years to come.

While adults sip delicious wines, learn about coupage, and wander through cellars brimming with history and flavor, children can enjoy our fun and safe playgrounds.

For the most curious and energetic kids, scooters are available to make their visits to Mimi Castle unforgettable!

The winery tour includes strolling through the gardens and getting lost in the green maze as well as visiting the Mimi Castle and the medieval basement.

Dishes include the traditional “Black Baba with vanilla cream” dessert & your choice of tea or coffee.

Snacks offered:

Adults: Baba Neagră dessert, tea infusion or coffee of your choice, 1 bottle of Bucovina water 0.330
Children: Baba Neagră dessert, compote

Tour duration: (1 hour 10 minutes)

Price per person:

Monday – Friday 300MDL
Saturday – Sunday 350MDL

*Additional! Tasting of 3 wines – 100 lei.

Children’s price – 99 lei

Excursion, Black Elf Dessert, Compot.

Book by phone: +373 265 0 1893