In addition to love and protection, give children education and culture!

Walk in the footsteps of history with your family and instil a love of traditions and values in your children.

At Mimi Castle you will spend precious time with your loved ones and create memories for a lifetime.

The Family Tour offers you a tour of the historic cellars, built 130 years ago by Constantin Mimi. You will learn the story of the only castle in our country and its stages of development.

At the end of the tour, together with your loved ones you will walk through the garden of organic greens and vegetables that we grow at Mimi Castle, and the children will be delighted to wander through the green maze.

Choose to spend beautiful and useful time with your family! Choose the Family Tour at Mimi Castle!

Snacks offered:

Adults: Baba Neagră dessert, tea infusion or coffee of your choice, water

Tour duration: (1 hour 10 minutes)

Price per person:

Monday – Friday 400 MDL
Saturday – Sunday 450MDL *till 12:00

*Additional! Tasting of 3 wines – 100 lei.

Children’s price – 150 lei

Excursion, Baba Neagră dessert, Compote.

Book by phone: +373 265 0 1893