Reserve Series

Negru de Bulboaca

Red Wine / 15.5% ABV / Dry

The most perfect Castel Mimi wine ever created! Every drop is the result of 130 years of tradition, history and excellence that we are proud of! A Grande Reserve that promises over 30 years of evolution in the bottle, produced from select Cabernet Sauvignon, Saperavi and Rara Negra grapes. The wine matured for 28 months in the premium X-Blend series of signature barrels by the eminent master craftsman Christian Radoux. The barrels were produced from 220-year-old oaks from the French Limousin area, planted as far back as the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, shortly before the foundations of modern winemaking were laid in Basarabia.
The intense colour of the wine reveals a vibrant and slender bouquet, distinguished by nuances of dried plums and cherries, slightly smoky, gradually opening up to tertiary aromas of cloves and tobacco. The palate is rich in juicy, slightly spicy red fruit sensations. The body is round, defined by a nice balance between well-integrated tannins and fine acidity. The finish is long and complex.

Castel Mimi

Culinary pairings: venison steak, steak alla Fiorentina, grilled pork ribs or roast beef with roasted vegetables;
Serving temperature: +8°C +10°C.