Escape to the past as we combine history, modern times, and traditional cuisine with delicate French dishes. Discover the legends of Mimi Castle, learn about the winery’s impressive past, and admire unique collections from around the country and the world.


We serve the Cucoanele, Sauvignon Blanc, Rară Neagră Rosé, Sfăditele, Saperavi combined with dishes made with love and dedication by Castel Mimi chefs:


– Smoked tuna and gravlax salmon served with black bread with dried fruit;

– Moldovan vine-grown snails in herb-flavored butter sauce;

– Salmon in a grape crust;

– Filet Mignon;

– Wine Ice Cream.

Wines for tasting:
(100 g/wine/ 1 person)

Sauvignon Blanc 2022
Cucoanele 2022
Rare Black Rosé 2022
Nibs 2020
Saperavi 2020

Tastings offered:

Tuna Fumé and Gravlax Salmon, served with black bread with dried fruit
Vine-grown Moldovan snails in herb-flavoured butter sauce
Salmon in grape crust
Filet Mignon
Homemade Wine Ice Cream

Tour duration: (2 hours 30 minutes)

Price per person:

Monday – Friday 950 MDL
Saturday – Sunday 1150MDL

Price for children – 99 MDL

Excursion, Black Baba Desert, Compot.

Book by phone: +373 265 0 1893