The Governor Series

Feteasca Neagră

Red Wine / 15% ABV / Dry

We've expertly turned the juicy, hand-picked Feteasca Neagră grapes from the sun-kissed and rain-hugged vineyards into a spectacular wine, aged for 16 months in French oak Radoux Omega barrels. Their unique qualities create conditions for the drink to retain the varietal's core identity, adding fine nuances of ripeness and elegant tannins. Wild cherry and blackberry aromas captivate the senses. The blend of blueberries, blackcurrants, and tobacco marks the complex taste. The body is full and intense, balanced, with a pleasant acidity. Thanks to the cork we use to seal the bottle, the wine has an aging potential of at least 10 years.

Castel Mimi

Serving temperature: +15°C – +18°C.
Recommended storage conditions: +5°C – +20°C, in dry, well-ventilated rooms with a relative humidity of max. 85%.