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Show Must Go On

October 5

On National Wine Day, we pay homage to this year’s vintage and will serve you unlimited, with the most delicious MUST from which we make the renowned Castel Mimi wines.

The celebrated wines will be Castel Mimi wines from indigenous varieties that you can taste for free after an exciting tour through the cellars of Castel Mimi and then purchase at a unique 50% offer, only on Wine Day at Castel Mimi.

Traditionally, at the event we will delight our eyes with the work of folk craftsmen who will share their skills with the audience and demonstrate how to weave a carpet, make a clay object, paint a handmade bag and make a handmade jewellery (while stocks last).

For the first time at Mimi Castle we will entice gourmets with a tasty smell of skewers paired perfectly with traditional Moldovan dishes, only at Open Air Kitchen (for a fee).

And because Mimi Castle must, perfectly associates with good will and tradition of Moldovan dishes Show Must Go On together with the dance ensemble Strămoșeasca, the song and dance ensemble of Bulbocencelor a folklore recital on the nai with Constantin Moscovici and energizing Balkan rhythms with Dunaff Band.

There’s no reason to stay at home when the best wine party is at Mimi’s Castle Show Must Go On!

Event admission price:
Adults (18+) -400 lei,
Adults (18+) + train -500 lei,
Children from 12 years -17 years – 200 lei
Children from 12 years -17 years, including train 300 lei
Train ride for adults/children over 5 years, round trip 100 lei
Children 0-5 years – train – 1 leu
Children up to 12 years old enter the event for FREE.

Ticket price includes:

  • MUST (slush) unlimited
  • a glass of glass as a gift
  • LIVE music, Constantin Moscovici and Dunaff Band
  • express tour in the cellars of Mimi Castle
  • Castel Mimi wine tasting of local varieties
  • photo areas for memorable moments
  • Kid’s Zone drawing and painting figurines (subject to availability)
  • public masterclass for folk craftsmen
  • DJ session
  • special prices on Castel Mimi wines – 50% (subject to availability)

Timetable of the Castel Mimi Wine Train:

13:00 train departure from Chisinau
19:00 departure from Bulboaca, Castel Mimi

Program Show Must Go On

  • 11:00 Festive opening with the Strămoșeasca ensemble.
  • 11:00-12:00 Express Tour in the Mimi Castle Cellars (included in the entrance fee)
  • 12:00 Opening Open Air Kitchen
  • 13:00-13:20 LIVE Ensemble Bulbocencele
  • 13.40 Dance Ensemble Strămoșeasca
  • 14:00 LIVE Constantin Moscovici
  • 14:50 LIVE Dunaff Band
  • 15:00-17:00 Express Tour in the Mimi Castle Cellars (included in the entrance fee)
  • 15:35 Ancestral Dance Ensemble
  • 15:40 LIVE Constantin Moscovici
  • 16:30 LIVE Dunaff Band
  • 17:15 Strămoșeasca Dance Ensemble
  • 17:20-21:00 DJ Sounds

MUST GO On Show, on Wine Day at Mimi Castle!