Castel Mimi winery prepares investment in business expansion

October 14, 2021

Re-opened in 2016, Castel Mimi Wine & Resort covers 10 hectares and includes event and conference spaces, a restaurant, tasting rooms, an art gallery and accommodation.

According to company representatives, Castel Mimi will open a Wine Spa in the near future, which aims to transform the location into a full-service resort.

“In the five years since its reopening, Castel Mimi has been visited by more than 2,000 tourists a month, who have taken part in the events we hold here. Among the bold projects we are currently working on is the first Wine SPA in the country, which we hope to open soon for as many wine and local tourism lovers as possible”, said Adrian Trofim, General Manager of Castel Mimi Wine & Resort.

He adds that, in the coming period, investments will focus on completing the Wine Spa, increasing the accommodation space, promoting local tourism, expanding exports to Romania, as well as planting 200 hectares of vines and increasing the bottling and storage capacity of finished products.

The company ended 2020 with a turnover of €2.5 million.

Castel Mimi is the first wine chateau in Moldova, having been founded in 1893 by Constantin Mimi, the last governor of Tsarist Bessarabia and an illustrious winemaker of the 20th century.

During the Soviet period, the winery was nationalised and transformed into a wine factory producing 7 million bottles per month.

In 1998, the winery was taken over by the Trofim family, winemakers originally from Bulboaca. Under the management of the Trofim family, Castel Mimi has undergone an extensive restoration and modernisation process.

Today, Castel Mimi employs around 200 people. The company produces four wine collections: Reserve collection (Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 dry red and Merlot 2012 dry red), Classic collection (Sânzienele, Cucoanele, Un Chardonnay Fudul, Rosé Rara Neagră, Rosé de Bulboaca, Viorica de Bulboaca, Riesling de Bulboaca, Roșu de Bulboaca, Black de Bulboaca, Frati, Mâins en Șold, Malbec dry red, Saperavi dry red, Isterie dry red), The Governor’s collection (The Governor’s blend, The Governor’s Fetească Neagră, The Governor’s Fumé Blanc, The Governor’s Chardonnay & Riesling, The Governor’s Rosé), the AnimAliens collection (comprising 8 wines), as well as Icewine.