The first wine spa in Moldova
Grand opening soon!

We believe with sanctity that wine is good not only for consumption, but also for procedures! Soon we will open the doors of the first wine spa in Moldova – the ideal place for relaxation, regeneration and discovering the healing properties of wine.

We want to combine pleasure with wellness and plan to provide guests with wine baths, jacuzzi, sauna, therapeutic tasting and massage with grape seed oils.

Explore Mimi Castle

Castel Mimi is home to a 5* Boutique Hotel and a semi-Olympic outdoor pool.

We lovingly reveal the legends of Mimi Castle to each visitor, tell stories about production and cupaje, offer selected wines at tastings and learn the secrets of traditional Moldovan cuisine with visitors in themed workshops.

We transform the gastronomic experience into high-intensity impressions in the fine dining restaurant and accompany each meal with noble wines.