Mimi Castle – The team that made history

June 1, 2023

The European Political Community Summit showed the whole world the hospitality of the Moldovan people and the professionalism of the team that managed the event.

The 2,175 guests from 49 countries, representing more than a quarter of all the countries in the world, were served by a united team of 200 people from the winery, who synchronised thousands of operations. From the owner’s family and the winery managers to the waiters and sanitation staff, everyone had a job to do, which equally ensured the success of the event.

Leading up to the day of the event a few weeks before, this team had thought through every step they would take throughout the day on June 1. Each member of the team participated in hours of training and practice, mimicking the day of the event. In the last three days of training alone, each team member took over 140 thousand steps.