Castel Mimi Wine Resort: the first 5-star zero-emission hotel in the Republic of Moldova

June 6, 2024

Just 30 km from Chișinău, in the village of Bulboaca, lies Castel Mimi Wine Resort, the only authentic wine castle in the Republic of Moldova, included in the Top 15 architectural masterpieces of the wine world. Castel Mimi Wine Resort represents a distinguished winemaking tradition, now in its fifth generation. The castle’s story begins in 1893, the year of its founding, with Constantin Mimi, one of the most dedicated winemakers and promoters of Bessarabian wines. In 1926, he settled in Bucharest and later held the position of director at the National Bank of Romania.

Castel Mimi

The dedication to wine and hospitality of the Trofim family has transformed the castle into the calling card of the Republic of Moldova, hosting the European Political Community Summit in 2023. Annually, over 30,000 visitors from more than 80 countries admire the castle’s impressive architecture, explore the secret cellars of Constantin Mimi, learn about the history of winemaking in the Republic of Moldova, and enjoy traditional dishes in a modern fine dining interpretation. Through continuous innovation and development, Castel Mimi continues to surprise its visitors, thus inaugurating on June 5th the first 5-star zero-emission wine hotel in the Republic of Moldova.

Sustainability: A Value and a Vision

For Castel Mimi, sustainability is more than a practice; it is an ethos reflected in all the company’s operations. Since its founding over a century ago, the winery has always maintained a deep respect for nature, firmly committed to protecting the terroir that imparts an exceptional character to Castel Mimi wines. Today, under the visionary leadership of Adrian Trofim, CEO of Castel Mimi Wine Resort, this commitment has evolved into a complex program integrating sustainable practices in all areas, from soil care and harvesting to promoting indigenous grape varieties abroad and reducing the winery’s carbon footprint.

“The decision to create the first 5-star zero-emission wine hotel was based on our deep commitment to sustainability and the desire to be energy independent in this unstable period. We are proud that, through this project, we can offer our guests not only an unforgettable experience but also an eco-friendly alternative in wine tourism.” —Adrian Trofim, CEO of Castel Mimi Wine Resort.

Five-star eco-friendly wine resort

Castel Mimi Wine Resort is designed according to the latest practices in sustainability and technological innovations in the industry. The hotel rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art “smart home” technologies, ensuring superior energy efficiency through passive heating and cooling systems that maintain an optimal temperature without producing noise or pollution. Reservations are also automated, activating heating and cooling systems depending on the season before guests arrive. Artificial intelligence technologies are integrated to optimize energy consumption and manage essential equipment such as heat pumps, smoke detectors, and appliances. Throughout the year, the energy required for the hotel’s operation is provided by solar panels, and the water in the complex is treated according to the strictest standards, ensuring that each room has quality water for consumption.

Cutting-edge maximum comfort

Castel Mimi Wine Resort surprises its guests with both the beauty and the unique history of the location, as well as the attention to the smallest details and maximizing comfort for each guest. The hotel has a total capacity of 68 places and includes both double or twin rooms and 7 independent bungalows. All hotel rooms are equipped with sound insulation systems to reduce noise pollution and ensure the necessary peace and quiet for each guest. Additionally, they include state-of-the-art air filtration systems to combat potential allergies and ensure a high level of air quality.

Additional benefits for Castel Mimi guests

On the castle grounds, hotel guests can enjoy top-notch services and additional facilities such as the semi-Olympic outdoor pool, aromatherapy programs, personalized guided tours for couples or families with children, wine tastings of selected wines, or floral arrangement workshops. The stay also includes an exceptional gastronomic experience at the “Bufnița Albă” restaurant, where guests can indulge in traditional dishes made from local ingredients in a modern fine dining interpretation. For wine enthusiasts, Castel Mimi also organizes unique “Blend Your Own Wine” workshops, where guests can create their own wine with a personalized label under the guidance of professional oenologists.

A sustainable commitment to excellence and innovation

Sustainability at Castel Mimi Wine Resort extends beyond the company’s operations. Castel Mimi believes in creating a culture of sustainability that involves not only employees and partners but also the community at large. As such, Castel Mimi collaborates with local farmers and producers to promote sustainable practices throughout the region, including the promotion of responsible wine tourism. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the impact of their choices on the environment, Castel Mimi is a true visionary in providing a luxurious yet sustainable experience. We invite you to discover the unique blend of history, innovation, and sustainability that defines Castel Mimi Wine Resort.

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